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2020 The Year Of Small Business Benefits #SmBizBenefits #SmBizAmerica

For our 2020 annual theme, we choose Benefits.
Our annual forecast finds startup growth at the highest level in American history. 
As innovation, access to capital, a strong economy and low unemployment, we want to assist small business owners this year with providing the best benefits for themselves and their employees.  We will be introducing innovative and unique benefits that will feature services and savings for our members
                                                                                                                        – SmBizAmerica®
                                                                                      – Small Businesses of America, Inc.


For our 2019 annual theme, we choose Unity.
Our forecast finds American’s continue to work together towards record growth in all sectors of small business and entrepreneurship.
We are predicting major innovation in both the technology and service industries and a sharp rebound in startups nationally.
This progress will continue to create economic growth and prosperity throughout this calendar year.

– Small Businesses of America, Inc.


2018 The Year Of Prosperity Supporting American Small Businesses

Supporting American Small Businesses

The 2018 annual recognition and theme for the year, we choose Prosperity.

After years of  spikes in US Federal mandates, laws and job killing administrations, Congress is finally acting on the American small business mandate to cut taxes, drastically reduce regulations and put Small Business hiring back on track to grow and not punish American small businesses.

We are excited about the future, the new direction of America and all those who promote startups and successfully grow their small business.



SmBizAmerica™ was founded in 2012 to assist American small business owners with ideas, marketing tools and entrepreneurial leadership that serve to promote, protect and strengthen the declining number of small business owners in America.

Our advocacy mission led to our first campaign and theme of “ReBuilding American Small Businesses”.  The campaign focused on a national grass roots advocacy in each state and territory to increase small business ownership.  At the start of this year, we launched a new campaign directed to further the momentum and expand our support for startups and small business owners.  Nationally, statistics continue to show signs of full recovery in many industries.



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