Top 10 Needs of Small Business Owners : By Jennifer Smiga

SMBIZ TOP 10 2015

Today’s featured contribution in our 2015 SBA TOP 10 Needs of Small Business Owners research series is written by Jennifer Smiga, President of  inBLOOM Communications, that assists small to mid size businesses with their marketing and PR needs.

1.  Short and long-term business plans. Musts for any successful business.

2.  Mentors. No matter how busy stay in touch with leaders in your industry who inspire you and who can help you to grow – both professionally and personally.

3.  Strategic Social Media Campaigns. These should take into account goals for revenue, reach and top-of-mind marketing. They should also be opportunities to connect with media and social influencers who help amplify your reach.

4.  Excellent customer service. Many times a well publicized event or promotion can fail if employees are not educated or enthusiastic.

5.  Reward programs. A business should reward its best customers or social media brand ambassadors with frequent discounts or perks.

6.  On the ground public relations. In a digital world, there is still power in community publications. Send local editors, tv and radio your professional releases with business news at least monthly. News would include charity events, educational seminars, new hires, special promotions, and helpful tips related to your industry.

7.  Active blog. There is no better way for a small business to increase its ranking on Google then to blog weekly. Blog about what you know and establish your staff as leaders in your industry. Provide helpful info for site visitors and be rewarded.

8.  Attractive visuals.  Visual branding is key for businesses to successfully market their business today. Hire professionals to photograph your services, products and team in action. Tell your stories through fun, attractive images and video that are shared on social and on your website.

9.  Charitable Partners.  Choose to support charities that you feel passionate about but ones that will also grow your customer base through events and recognition.

10.  Surveys. Stay in touch with customers to find out what you can do better and what is working well.


inBLOOM Communications offers marketing, public relations, event production and design services for entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders who value social media, but also understand the importance of nurturing offline relationships.

After more than 15 years of working with the country’s leading nonprofit organizations and corporations, Jennifer Smiga started inBLOOM Communications to follow her own entrepreneurial heart and help others succeed at growing their nonprofits and businesses. She has worked with Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project, Miami Art Museum, Clean Ocean Action, Aveda, LUSH Cosmetics, Whole Foods Market, Goldman Sachs Group, and many others. Her work has helped businesses and nonprofits at all levels to form the relationships in communities that sustain business.

Thank you Jennifer for your contribution and we wish you all the best in 2015!|

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