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Small Business News | July 5th 2015

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  1. The article on Insurance Companies raising their rates does not surprise me. What is amazing is that the rate in which the reimburse the physicians on the ACA plans is so low insureds are having a hard time finding a doctor to treat them.

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    • Yes all the prices of medical care are skyrocketing as the law becomes fully implemented. It is by design. The law is designed to make insurance companies look bad and get the populous to run full speed ahead to a single payer system run by the federal government. We know how well that has worked with the VA. I personally believe, as American’s, we can find an awesome solution to this in a free market environment. We will continue to weather this storm of the federal take over of healthcare industry and find solutions that Americans want and need. Just my thoughts. Thank you Tina! All the best. Shane


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