What are the Top 10 Needs of Small Business Owners Today?

SBA TOP 10 Needs of Small Business Owners 2015
It’s time for our annual analysis of what American’s consider the Top 10 Needs of Small Businesses today.
In recent years, the percentage of small business ownership in America has slightly declined.
As we begin the the second half of the fiscal year 2015, what is on your list?
What do you consider to be the needs that can rebuild, renew and regenerate the entrepreneurial spirit in America?

Your response may be either your own personal reflection of your business or what you think statistically based by an individual state or on a national scale.

This is a general query for 50 employees and under, including micro-businesses and the self employed.

Please forward your list to shanem@smbizusa.com.

Thank you!

– SBA Small Businesses of America




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