As we continue the National Small Business Week, we are sharing with you entries from business owners and what they deem important in 2013.
The following list is written by Stephen Ladek, from &


As the owner of several small businesses. I think the following are the top “must haves” for small business owners in 2013:

1) Niche – make sure you solve one, very specific problem better than anyone else… then grow from there.

2) Agility – structure your company to evolve on a dime to incorporate new technologies and norms.

3) Community – no matter what you “do” build or become a leading voice in the community that is interested in it.

4) Virtuosity – there is little reason to structure any business “traditionally” – even for brick and mortar businesses. Get as virtual as possible with your staff and your clients.

5) Access to capital – when you have a new idea, you want to be able to grow your business around it as quickly as possible. Find a way to have access to liquid funds.

6) Talent – think about your staff in a new light, as partners in your success, rather than employees performing tasks. Use this as a lever to help them shine and grow your business.

7) A social strategy – what is your business strategy for being visible online as well as offline?

8) Education – have a program for educating your user / client base about the products or services you offer that adds massive value to anyone who attends.

9) Flatness – get out of your own way when it comes to organizational structure. Give people clear tasks and duties and then get out of their way.

10) Balance – specifically build in time off as a necessity for BOTH owners/managers and all staff to ensure people recharge and come to work invigorated.

Thank you Stephen for your contribution and we wish you all the best in 2013!


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