Here at SBA Small Businesses of America, we are constantly working to provide better services and easier ways to access to news and resources that entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for.  Twice a year we produce a report on the TOP 10 NEEDS OF SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.  This information is derived from articles and voluntary polling information that is submitted by industry experts and small business owners across America.

As we start the National Small Business Week, we begin by sharing with you entries from business owners and what they deem important in 2013.

The following list is written by Amanda Pekoe, of  The Pekoe Group : a full-service boutique theatrical marketing & advertising agency in New York City.


In my industry everything is changing. Very few of the key elements that defined the industry 5 years ago are still effective today.  In addition, the constant communication and access to tons of information means that there is always more work to do.  As a result I have started to live by these 10 guidelines:

1 – Live in beta:
New ideas and products seem to be arriving every day and the business landscape changes all the time.  As a result it is more important than ever to know what works for your company and industry, but also stay creative and open to what could work.  Nothing is forever.  Systems, services, and ideas only work until they don’t anymore. Small Business Owners need to be constantly changing and evolving.

2 – Invest in people:
If everything is changing all around you it is important to find, develop, and invest in a team that will roll with the changes.  Educate the people in your company and give them incentives. Build up a great team and then keep them. And when it isn’t working with a team member, be supportive of them moving on to something new.

3 – Be flexible:

The world is more pliable today than ever, so embrace it. Let impediments inform your choices, the answer is not always full speed ahead.  Take a moment to look at what’s in front of you objectively.

4 – Innovate:
What is better than changing with the times? Finding a team that will lead an industry with innovation!

5 – Have Big Picture Clarity:
With the details shifting all the time, it is important to hold steady to a clear vision of the big picture for your company. Accept the small ebbs and flows but stay on course with clarity, otherwise you will get lost.

6 – Be creative:
There is no longer a box to think outside of. Creative thought is vital.  Do not always look for solutions or answers — creativity comes from looking for possibilities.

7 – Have Sharp Tools:
Make sure all of the tools you use are top-notch.  Your company should function properly so your time can be spent doing amazing things, not maintenance work.  Do what you do better than anyone else.

8 – Constantly Update Your Education:
Everyone in your company should be learning. At The Pekoe Group, I aim for people to specialize in a skill or department, and then allow cross-pollination of ideas.  This allows every
team member to contribute and learn in many subtle ways.

9 – Communicate:
Clarity and communication have always been important to me, and these days there are so many forms of communication: direct communication, blogs, social media, inter-office communication.  It is important for all these to have a consistent voice and tone.  It is also important for your message to be effective.

10 – Be Supportive:
You can’t do this alone.  Hire people.  Train people.  Explore all the ways you can delegate.  If you don’t, you will burn out.  If you learn this, you will grow quickly.

Thank you Amanda for your contribution and we wish you all the best in 2013!


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